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Research groups

  1. Laboratory on Polymers
  2. Laboratory of Quantum and Computational Chemistry
  3. Heterocyclic Chemistry group
  4. Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy for Structural Analysis
  5. Group for Biocoordination and Bioanalytical Chemistry
  6. Group of Organic Synthesis and NMR spectroscopy
  7. Group for Data & Data Analytics
  8. Group for structured colloidal materials
  9. Complex Fluids Group
  10. Group for Computational Chemistry, Synthesis and Spectroscopy (CCSS)
  11. Computational catalysts group
  12. Organic Photochemistry Group
  13. Laboratory of Chemistry of Rare and Rare Earth Elements
  14. Biotechnology group
  15. Group for Analytical Atomic spectrometry
  16. Group for Environmental and human health risk assessment